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Emuna Group is an Israeli security company, established in Mexico, specializing in executive security, consulting, risk detection and prevention, training, as well as experts in industrial, business and personal security.

Our methodology is designed for the needs and policies of each client, thus achieving effective results in our services, adapting the strategy according to each of our projects, not only in order to offer them the best solution to their requirements, but, It is directed with the objective of having a long-term relationship with our clients, so we guarantee that our solutions will provide significant differentiators and some of them will be unique in the market.

We have highly trained professional staff in different areas of specialization, local and international talent.

Our clients affirm that the service provided by Emuna Group is of high quality, providing an environment with greater security and a high level of protection and professionalism.

Our Services


VIP Security

We provide protection services at different levels and events such as concerts, public or private events, business meetings for internationally recognized personalities. Guaranteed that your stay is safe, reliable and comfortable.


Security for the transfer of valuables

We have highly qualified personnel to advise and protect high-value merchandise, designing specific security plans through physical and technological means to ensure the transfer.


Patrimonial protection

We build financial models you can pitch

to investorsWe carry out risk analyses using the security circle methodology to identify vulnerable points and develop a specific security plan. This plan addresses the protection of real estate, assets and personnel.

We determine which security measures are the most appropriate to deal with threats and risks.


Executive and government protection

Emuna Group provides different levels of protection for high-level executives in the private and public sectors. We focus on prevention so that the operation is successful, adapting to the particularities of each of the regions where the project is carried out.


Courses and training

We develop plans tailored to the needs of the client, we have programs designed with innovative techniques and strategic study plans according to a syllabus, with theoretical and practical methods through highly certified instructors.


Investigation, intelligence and special services

  • Lost Prevention: Detection of vulnerabilities in security, streamline internal processes, identification and reduction of waste.
  • Advice for recruitment and selection: psychometric tests, polygraph, verification of authenticity of documents, etc.
  • Investigations of fraud, internal theft, ant theft, technological and physical scanning of facilities.
  • Special personalized services.

Our agents

All training instructors, as well as hired personnel, have a solid history in police or military security training that includes:

▸ Shooting dynamics and fighting techniques

▸ Tactical exercises for rapid decision making under stress

▸ Focus on individual training

▸ Practical and simple techniques

▸ Screen, surprise and counter information techniques

▸ Risk prevention and control

▸ First aid

Local agents

International agents


Executive security

Event coverage

Operational courses

Vehicle rental

We have a high-end vehicle rental service for VIP transportation of executives, celebrities, groups of people, productions, special events, etc.

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